Drumming Basics – Basic Things You Need to Know

Deciding on what musical instrument to play can be nerve wracking, but it won’t be that difficult for those that have already chosen one. Many young people, particularly males, love to play drums. There is that exciting and exhilarating feeling when an individual play drums. However, this will only be so if you hit the right note. The tips below will help you get started on the basics of drumming.


Use the metronome
Being the drummer, it is your responsibility to become the music’s rhythmic center. If you had ever played in a band before, the other instruments follow to the drums’ timing. It is your ultimate goal that you get as accurate as you can get with the timing of your drums. Other drummers just have a good sense with the rhythm that they do not need to use the metronome at all. But it will help you get a sense of the rhythm when you use the metronome and also improve your timing of the rhythm right.

Define your drum stick size
There are different size for drum sticks and there is no single standard that says it is what you must use. Its purpose is to provide different fitting and sounds that will suit to the drummer’s interest. If you are unsure of the size that are perfect for you, visit a music store and try out the sizes until you find the size that feels very comfortable to you.


Learn to properly tune your drums
Tuning is important not only in drums but in other musical instruments as well. However, drummers can still get away while playing on drums that are out of tune. Drums typically can get longer to get out of tune compared to other musical instruments, but it is still important to learn on how to tune them. When drums are not tuned, they will not sound as powerful as it was when you first bought them. It takes a lot of practice to properly tune the drums, so it is best to consult an instructor on how to do it properly. It will take a good ear to learn how to tune the drums properly, which is something you can’t get from worded instructions alone.

Learn the basic beats
You will have difficulty drumming when you don’t properly construct your basics. It is important that every drummer knows the proper basic beats of the drum and eventually formulate their own.

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