Getting Started on Your Drum Basics

Though drums look simple and easy to make music with at first glance, you will realize that you need some drum lessons in order to get the rhythm right. This is why when you listen to some drummers out there, you could feel that they are out of tune. It could be that they still lack practice to get the right rhythm or the drum set they are using has not been properly tuned.


Starting with the basics
You can’t touch the large sets yet if you are still at the beginning stage of learning how to play the drums. If you are learning from an instructor, they will likely let you play with the starter set that they have prepared for their drum lessons. However, they are not going to let you touch it first. They have to guide you through the basics – theory and some light practical touch on how the drums are played.

The first two equipment that you touch are the snare drums and a pair of drumsticks. The drumsticks will be provided by your instructor, but in the long run you will be choosing your own since there are a variety of drumsticks and each of them are designed for personal preferences.

Before starting on the lessons
When you already have your own pair of drumsticks, try to get a good feel of it by pinching each of it between your pointer and thumb ringer about one third up from the bottom. Wrap the other 3 fingers loosely in order to get a good control when you hit on the drums. This will feel awkward to some people, but your hands and fingers will get used to it eventually.


Basic beat
The best way to learn the beats of a drum is by listening to music with drum beats. As a beginner, choose a song that has a very simple beat pattern that you can follow through simultaneously. Avoid music that uses a lot of percussion instruments or those with very fast beats as this will only confuse you. You will eventually learn them in the future, but focus on the basic beats first. Tap your foot at every beat you hear when the song plays so as to help you get the right rhythm.

Attend a concert
You should have a favorite band or two that uses drums. There is a big contrast between drums played during recording from the ones played live. If you love rock bands, you will notice drummers exerting more effort than all the others within the group.

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