How to Select Your Drum Set

If you love the idea of surrounding yourself with diverse drums sounds, you should consider going for the five-, six- or larger piece set. It will give a wider range of tones to your music. The larger sets are very well suited for contemporary, fusion, metal and heavy rock styles.


There are different set configurations for drum sets, which falls mostly in Fusion or Standard. The diameters of the drums determine its configuration. Drum sets falling under the Fusion category feature 10 inches and 12 inches mounted toms; a 14 inches floor tom, which is either standing or suspended; and a 22 inches bass drum. The standard sized drum kits feature 12 inches and 13 inches mounted toms; 16 inches floor tom; and a 22 inches bass drum. The advantage drummers get with smaller diameters from the Fusion set is that it produces a punchy tone and an eloquent sound. As with the Standard sized kit, the larger toms gives a bigger and more volume tone. It is subjective when it comes to selecting the best kit, since most of the time it falls on personal perspective.

There is the double bass drum kit, which was first introduced by iconic jazz players and then made famous by various rock drummers. The double bass allow drummers to formulate fast patterns with powerful beats and striking appearance, particularly on stage.

The complete drum set, as suggested, has all the drum hardware that you need. If you already possess the hardware, what you only need is the shell pack as this can make you save a lot of money. The shell pack contains the drums but without added hardware except the the tom mounts and rims. For those who already have the drum set but want to add more components to it, the add-on pack is a good recommendation since the cost is usually less compared to buying separate add-on drums.


If you are a beginner and still picking on a drum set, the starter kit gives you all need that will help you start learning the basics and building up your foundation. Go for the most affordable starter set that you can find, which consists of the basic hardware such as the stands, cymbals, drums and many others.

As for children learning drums, they should go for the best junior drum set for kids of 2017, since going for the larger sets may turn out too big for them. What’s more, it is even very affordable.

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